Project Description

The SARI Relocation Project will replace nearly 4 miles of the existing pipeline from the Orange/San Bernardino county line at Green River Golf Club to SAVI Ranch.

The proposed 54-inch-diameter pipeline will tie into the existing SARI Line just upstream of the existing metering station at the Green River Golf Club. The new pipeline will then cross the golf course to the south bank of the river where it will be located under the existing bikeway before proceeding downstream through Featherly Park. The new pipeline will connect to the existing SARI Line behind SAVI Ranch. Open-cut excavation and micro-tunneling construction methods will be used to install the new pipeline and facilities.

A new metering facility to replace the existing metering station will be constructed within Canyon RV Park. The purpose of the metering station is to measure the quantity of wastewater flowing from the Inland Empire and provide OCSD and SAWPA staff safe access to conduct routine water quality sampling and testing.

In addition, a new 15-inch-diameter pipeline will be constructed under La Palma Avenue and the Santa Ana River Trail to serve the sewage disposal needs of portions of Yorba Linda. Known as the Yorba Linda Spur, the pipeline will cross the river by way of an inverted siphon and connect to the existing SARI Line behind SAVI Ranch.

The Green River Golf Club will remain open throughout the SARI Relocation Project, retaining its new 18-hole configuration for the majority of construction. The golf course was reconfigured in 2009 from 36 holes to an 18-hole course to accommodate flood protection improvements along the Santa Ana River that are a part of the separate Santa Ana River Mainstem Project. Two holes/fairways may require slight modification for a brief period of time during construction to accommodate pipeline installation.