Water Quality Projects

The last three years have seen a dramatic increase in efforts to curb the impacts of urban runoff through collaborative planning processes and regulatory and legislative mandates. OC Flood has made a commitment to do its part to improve water quality in the region. The Division uses a variety of best management practices (BMPs) in its flood control system to improve water quality. Low flow diversion systems are used in its channels to divert water pollutants to the sanitary sewer system for treatment. Trash booms are used to trap floatables before they reach Orange County's beaches. OC Flood coordinates with OC Watersheds which implements water quality and watershed planning, and coastal resources management.

Examples of diversions systems in flood control channels are shown in Figures 1 thru 3. A typical trash boom is shown in Figure 4. Table 1 provides a listing of flood control channels with trash booms.

Locations of trash and debris booms organized by watershed and channel.
Watershed Channel
Westminster Federal Channel East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel Bolsa Chica Channel (2 locations)
Talbert Greenville-Banning Channel
Newport Bay Santa Ana-Delhi Channel
San Diego Creek El Modena-Irvine Channel Peters Canyon Channel
San Clemente Segunda Deshecha Canada Channel| Prima Deshecha Canada Channel