Indianapolis Ave. to Adams Ave.
Phase 2

OCFCD Facility No. D01
Indianapolis Ave. to Adams Ave.

Location: Huntington Beach

District: Supervisorial District 2

Project Information

The construction project is the last segment of flood control improvements needed to provide 100-year flood protection for residences and businesses in the area of Huntington Beach from Indianapolis Avenue to Adams Avenue.

The work to be done, in general, consists of the following: clearing and grubbing; excavation and transportation of saturated and unsaturated earthen materials; channel grading and minor fill; placement of riprap material; removal and installation of gates and fencing; placement of concrete and asphalt paving; construction of drainage ditches, PVC drains, concrete drives, and installation of flapgates; removal of brick and mortar plugs; coordination with utility companies, district personnel, regulatory agencies, City staff, and adjacent property owners.

The remaining work, primarily the removal of the soil material from within the channel, will allow the channel to convey 100-year storm discharges. The completion of improvements in this last segment of the Talbert Valley flood control improvements will enable RDMD to submit a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to remove the flood plain designation from the area, thereby eliminating the requirement for flood insurance.

The subject project has been budgeted for construction as part of the Fiscal Year 2006-2007 Flood Control Program.

Notice to Contractors Section, Special Provisions and Construction Plans, view here.

D01 Map
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Start Date: 5/2007

Est Completion Date: 11/2007

Project Contact

Penny Lew