Newland Ave. to Atlanta Ave.

OCFCD Facility No. D01
Newland Ave. to Atlanta Ave.

Location: Huntington Beach

District: Supervisorial District 2

Project Information

This project was an increment of the channel improvement program for the Talbert Valley Flood Control Improvements approved by the District’s Board on March 24, 1987. This particular improvement project completed 2900 feet of channel improvements and provided 100-year channel conveyance for that portion of the Huntington Beach Channel (D01).

The subject reach of Talbert Channel previously existed as a trapezoidal-earthen channel originally designed to convey the storm runoff generated by a 10-year storm event. The earthen channel was replaced by a 110 foot wide, soft-bottom (earthen), vertical wall channel. The vertical channel walls were constructed of 13-14 foot high steel sheet piles. The overall length of the sheet piles are 36 feet where approximately 25-26 feet of the pile is embedded into the earth.

The steel piles are protected from the harsh saltwater environment by a special corrosion resistant coating and a process/system called cathodic protection.

D01 Map
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Start Date: 04/2001

Completed Date: 05/2002