West Anaheim Storm Drain (B01P01)

Between Euclid Way and Lincoln Ave. (Sta. 86+82 to Sta. 89+82)

Location: City of Anaheim
District: Supervisorial District 4

History / Background  

The project reach is an underground Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) approximately 300’ upstream from Station 89+82 to Station 86+82. Within the project reach, the RCB has an interior span of 8’ and a height of 4’ and was constructed in 1935 within Southern Pacific Railroad (SPRR) Company’s right-of-way (ROW).  In 1937, Orange County Flood Control District had taken and condemned a strip of land 10’ in width at certain portion of SPRR’s ROW under the condition that SPRR has the right to at any time construct, maintain and operate additional tracks across and upon the subject storm drain.
The RCB from Station 79+47 to 88+80 has 5” thick top slab, 5” thick invert, 4” thick walls, with a single layer of ½” round bars @ 8” spacing in the top slab and invert, and a single layer of ¼” square bars @ 12” spacing in the walls.

Project Information

Currently the RCB in the subject reach shows noticeable oxidation and corrosion of the reinforcing steel, and cracking and spalling of the concrete. Potential failure may occur due to the age of the structure.  The RCB is located adjacent to a railroad track and construction may require a license from Southern Pacific Railroad Company.
The recommended improvement alternative is to restore the structure integrity of the RCB by inserting a steel pipe lining within the box.

Location map

West Anaheim Location Map