Santa Ana River Invert Repair (E01)

Between Warner Ave. and Harbor Blvd.

Location: City of Santa Ana
District: Supervisorial District 1

History/ Background  

The project site is located at Santa Ana River Channel at Station 345+00 between Warner Avenue and Harbor Boulevard (Facility No. E01).  An invert seepage issue was identified by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in this area during a recent periodic levee inspection.  Consequently, the facility was rated “Unacceptable” as the ground water migrating through the concrete joints has the potential to carry materials and create voids underneath the concrete invert slab.  The cause of the issue is a cut-off wall built by USACE at Station 345+00 with the intention to remove upon resumption of construction.  However, USACE left the cut-off wall in-place.

Project Information

The facility at the project location is a concrete trapezoidal channel with an estimated bottom width of 160’ and 2:1 side slopes.  The bottom width of the low flow channel is 12’.  The thickness of the invert slab is estimated to be 12” based on the coring report in 2014. 
The recommended mitigation alternative is to remove the top 4’ of the cut-off wall across the channel invert and restore the invert slab at Station 345+00.

Location Map

santa ana river location map