Flood Projects and Studies

Construction Projects

  1. San Joaquin Channel (F14) - San Diego Creek (F05) to San Mateo Park - DISTRICT 3
  2. San Juan Creek Levee Protection Phases 4,5, 6 –DISTRICT 5

a. Stonehill Drive to 2,100 feet upstream (both sides)

b. 2,100 feet upstream of Stonehill Drive to 360 feet downstream of BNSF Rail Road (right side)

3. Fullerton Creek  (A03) Phase 1- From Western Avenue to Beach Blvd- DISTRICT 4

Design Projects

  1. Barranca Channel (F09)- upstream of Jamboree Road to downstream of Barranca Parkway - DISTRICT 3
  2. Fullerton Creek Channel (A03) Phase 2- Beach Blvd. to I-5 Freeway - DISTRICT 4
  3. Lane Channel (F08)- upstream of Jamboree Road to downstream of Main Street - DISTRICT 3
  4. Santa Ana Delhi Channel (F01) - Bay View Bridge to Mesa Drive -DISTRICT 2
  5. San Diego Creek Sediment Removal (F05) -6.2 miles from I-405 to I-405 DISTRICT 3

Future Projects

  1. East Garden Grove Wintersburg Channel (C05) - upstream of Warner Avenue to downstream of Goldenwest Street - DISTRICT 2
  2. Carbon Creek Channel (B01) - Western Avenue to Dale Street - DISTRICT 4
  3. Carbon Creek Channel (B01) - upstream of Gilbert Street to Euclid Street - DISTRICT 4

Project Studies

  1. San Juan Creek Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study
  2. Westminster Watershed Feasibility Study
  3. Aliso Creek Eco Restoration Study