Flood Control Projects & Studies

Construction Projects

  1. San Joaquin Channel (F14) - San Diego Creek (F05) to San Mateo Park - DISTRICT 3
  2. San Juan Creek Levee Improvement Project – DISTRICT 5
    • a. Stonehill Drive to 2,100 feet upstream (both sides)
    • b. 2,100 feet upstream of Stonehill Drive to 360 feet downstream of BNSF Rail Road (right side)

3. Fullerton Creek  (A03) Phase 1- From Western Avenue to Beach Blvd- DISTRICT 4

Design Projects

  1. Barranca Channel (F09)- upstream of Jamboree Road to downstream of Barranca Parkway - DISTRICT 3
  2. Fullerton Creek Channel (A03) Phase 2- Beach Blvd. to I-5 Freeway - DISTRICT 4
  3. Lane Channel (F08)- upstream of Jamboree Road to downstream of Main Street - DISTRICT 3
  4. Santa Ana Delhi Channel (F01) - Bay View Bridge to Mesa Drive -DISTRICT 2
  5. San Diego Creek Sediment Removal (F05) -6.2 miles from I-405 to I-405 DISTRICT 3

Future Projects

  1. East Garden Grove Wintersburg Channel (C05) - upstream of Warner Avenue to downstream of Goldenwest Street - DISTRICT 2
  2. Carbon Creek Channel (B01) - Western Avenue to Dale Street - DISTRICT 4
  3. Carbon Creek Channel (B01) - upstream of Gilbert Street to Euclid Street - DISTRICT 4

Project Studies

  1. San Juan Creek Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study
  2. Westminster Watershed Feasibility Study
  3. Aliso Creek Eco Restoration Study

Completed Projects

To view our the completed Flood Control projects; Click here.