Orange County Flood

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Orange County Flood to "protect Orange County areas from the threat and damage of flooding".

About the Orange County Flood (this section) - Here you will find an overview of the organizational structure, function, goals, accomplishments and contacts.

Welcome to the County of Orange Flood Section. The OC Flood Section is tasked with the ultimate goal of protecting Orange County from the threat of floods by designing and constructing channels, storm drains, dams, pump stations and other drainage related facilities.

In sunny Southern California it is understandable that flood control may not be on the minds of many. However, current deficiencies in Orange County exceed $1.5 billion and are estimated to absorb 90 years to complete. This is often exacerbated by limited budgets and an overall desire to enhance our environment while we construct our systems. Under the direction of our Board of Supervisors and guidance by our department’s leadership, we are implementing a strategy of utilizing, to the fullest extent possible, natural channels and other environmental features within the flood control system. This doesn’t come at a small cost, as natural systems require much wider channels and a significant budget for right-of-way acquisition and future maintenance. However, this relatively high cost yields significant dividends to our environment, way of life, and economy.

What makes this all achievable is a core group of flood control professionals, including engineers, technicians, and real estate professional experts.

Our predecessors, current team and future employees have and will continue to work tirelessly to accomplish our mission of protecting our citizens from the threat of floods while improving our environment.